Wrasse Corkwing

The corkwing wrasse has a thick body, small eyes and a large mouth. It is classed as a mini specie with weights never exceeding 1lb. The most distinctive feature of the Corkwing is that it has a serrated gill cover. Varying in colour although normally green and brown with a lighter underside. The male corkwing wrasse often exhibit a blue tinge to the head. The are found regular in very rocky areas and kelp covered areas. Where ballans and cuckoo can be found in most rock strewn areas, my experience has more corkwing found in areas with low tidal strength. […]

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July 2015

July kicked off aboard My Way with some superb starry smoothhound action for our anglers, with many not only recording their first hounds, but manageing double figures including a 20lber for Cheshire angler Steve Bodey and one that fell a couple ounces short for visiting Irish rod, Cormac Burke. Above, Steve Brodey 20lber Above, Cormac Burke 19lb 14oz Along with the hounds a good mixed bag was boated that day with some big huss and colourful cuckoo wrasse posing for the cameras. Sadly the weather for the first couple weeks of July played hardball with us and despite a full […]

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