Individuals & Small Groups

Lone anglers and small parties are welcomed aboard My Way, simply get in touch with us to book your space or spaces and we will look to fill the remainder of the boat.

Our individual spaces are priced with your maximum comfort & enjoyment taken into consideration. We never fill the boat to capacity, putting 10 or 12 anglers aboard does not always lead to a great day. We’d much rather reduce the numbers to a more manageable 8/9 and leave room for everyone to enjoy their fishing without there being a tight squeeze and ever present risk of tangles.

If date you want is not listed, please check the Boat Availability and if free, a new individual date can be started with your initial booking.

With a minimum of three anglers, we always sail

Fishing Trips

Date Duration Sail Info Cost Spaces
Sat 08th Dec 5hrs 8am Menai Straits £27.50pp 3
Sun 09th Dec 5hrs 9am Menai Straits £27.50pp 8
Fri 28th Dec 5hrs 11am Menai Straits £27.50pp 8

Cruise My Way – £20 per adult / £16 per child

Date Duration Sail Info Spaces
Sat 24th Nov 2hrs 9.30am Menai Cruise 10
Sun 25th Nov 2hrs 10am Menai Cruise 6
Thurs 27th Dec 2hrs 12.20pm Menai Cruise 8