Price Options

My Way can be booked for a number of different price options. Our most popular trips are 8hrs and sail between 8 and 9am. However we are not tidal and can usually work around your requirements.

On occasions we may suggest a specific sailing time to ensure you get the most from the tide of the day you require, this is always discussed at booking. Please read our FAQs page & T&C before booking


Duration Individuals Full Charter
3hrs n/a £180
4hrs £25 £200
6hrs £30 £265
8hrs £40 £350
10hrs £50 £400
12hrs n/a £550

Our individual spaces are priced with your maximum comfort & enjoyment taken into consideration. We never fill the boat to capacity, putting 10 or 12 anglers aboard does not always lead to a great day. We’d much rather reduce the numbers to a more manageable 8/9 and leave room for everyone to enjoy their fishing without there being a tight squeeze and ever present risk of tangles.

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