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Cheeky grin, cheeky smile

Great weekend of sport, the weather was fantastic and the crews each day up for the challenge. Pollack, ballan and cuckoo wrasse were the mainstay of our caches on the drift, with the odd codling, coalie and mini specie. Anchor work being rewarded with a decent amount of tope, huss and thornback rays both days with spurdog added to todays tally. More photos in Gallery 213

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Change of plans

We had a last minute change of duration from 10hrs to 8hrs today as a couple of the crew needed to be in at 6pm before they turned into pumpkins! This sadly took our planned travel to the deeps out of the equation. A quick rethink, drifting then an anchor to try for rays. Fortunately the change of plan worked and we caught a good number of small thornback rays averaging 6lb and also good few small tope, together with a decent number of huss and dogs plus a solitary smoothie. All round good fun day afloat More photos in […]

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Tops, spurs, pollack and wrasse

After another breezy day afloat on Tuesday so it was great to wake up to a still calm day on Wednesday morning. The plan some inshore drifting to start, light tackle fishing for wrasse and pollack then a small run out for some bigger pollack and an anchor in the deeps.   Great fun day afloat, with plenty of fish, some good laughs and some pretty awesome burgers, cheers Nai 👍 More photos in Gallery 212 Message or call 07971 924046 to book or for more information My Way is sponsored by Pure Fishing – this includes Penn, Shakespeare, Greys, […]

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A good few days

The weather the end of last week wasn’t the best, Holyhead suffering at the hands of relentless 25 to 30mph northerly winds for three days. Fortunately the wind abated a little and has allowed us to sail since Saturday. We’ve had so far a great few days afloat despite the ever changing weather. A good mixed bag of fish at anchor including plenty of smoothhounds still with some superb light tackle sport from wrasse and pollack when drifting plus a good number of spurs and huss when the weather allowed Limited spaces available for July – Mon 10th July – […]

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Love a bit of wrasse fishing

Wrasse hit hard and fight hard. lb for lb they are some of the best fighting fish we have in abundance. As soon as they have your bait in the mouth, it’s off they go, as quick as they can swim to the safety of the nearest kelp bed or rocky crevice. A softer action rod will help cushion the initial attack of the wrasse, and allow you time to hook and play the fish instead of losing it. Rig choice varies depending on how quick the drift is and just how snaggy the bottom you are fishing is. Your […]

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