Sea fishing related news and reports covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Mighty Mini

Fishing as good as the weather yesterday, little bit on the poor side, certainly neither as good as we’ve enjoyed of late. Never the less a mixed bag of species and a joke or two keeping spirits high. Loving this ginormous long spined sea scorpion caught by Mike Kelly, one of the largest I’ve seen

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Service day

Scheduled service day today, normally we just wait for a weather day, but so great is the weather of recent months a plan is required lol. Great day cleaning and a full service on a calm sea with the sun shining down     

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What a ray day

Plenty of rays on Weds 18th, along with a good number of mackerel, huss and black bream. Sadly the tope never showed up for us unlike earlier in the week. Still great fun and some gorgeous sunshine and calm seas to end  More photos in Gallery 236

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Rays of sunshine

Great day afloat today with Stu and his crowd of first time Anglers. Drifting was a little slow in the wind and big tide, few small pollack for our efforts. But the anchor worked well with countless thornbacks, nothing of any great size sadly but a plentiful amount together with some nice huss and a teeny weeny smoothie. More photos in Gallery 235

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Tope on

Fun day afloat today, after a slow drift the anchor soon picked up for the afternoon with a plentiful amount of huss and small thornbacks. Some nice tope landed too and another spitting the hook partway through the fight.  More photos in Gallery 235

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Llyn adventure

Enjoyable day down the Llyn today, with rays and huss the mainstay together with a few bream and a good mixture of other species. Tried for tope and connected with two, sadly one spat the hook and the other steamed off  like a rocket, through other lines and after a 10 minute tussle snapped off.  Another good fun day  More photos in Gallery 235

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