Sea fishing related news and reports covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Ethan does it his way

Good day afloat yesterday, drifting a little slow but the Deeps made up for that, the day should be called ‘Ethan Showed Them’, as the young angler showed the adults how to do it with a new PB 27lb tope, a first spurdog, followed by a handful more and a nice huss. Few photos from the day below …

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Fish Identification – Dogfish & Bull Huss

Dog Fish & Bull Huss Small huss are often misidentified as dogfish. Both species are very similar in appearance, however the bull huss grows over 5 times the size of it’s smaller family member the dogfish. Lesser Spotted Dogfish (Small Spotted Catshark) – Scientific Name: Scyliorhinus canicula Greater Spotted Dogfish (Bull Huss – Nurse Hound) – Scientific Name: Scyliorhinus stellaris The upper side of the body on both species is usually light brown covered with darker spots, with a white underside. Both lesser and greater spotted dogfish can appear much lighter or darker depending on habitat. The spots on the […]

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Gurnard Fishing

Gurnard Fishing Above, Red Gurnard When you look around the many different species of fish we get in the British Isles there are all manner of weird and wonderful shapes, sizes and colours. Looking at the mini species in particular I’m sure some of them were inspiration behind many of the b-movie horror films that never quite made it on the big screen. Then there is the cuckoo wrasse, without doubt the most colourful fish that we have swimming through our seas. Both the male and female having a striking appearance, that if we’re honest, wouldn’t be out of place […]

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A hungry My Way porbeagle

Porbeagle Shark for My Way

For years we’ve encountered the odd shark during our fishing exploits off Holyhead, bitten fish, snapped lines etc. This year we decided to bite the bullet and invest in new gear, fact finding trips, so much reading and then finally set out to target sharks. This week has been planned for a long time & foul weather was all set to scupper our chances, but a break in the winds saw us set sail early doors today, 50lb class gear, custom made wire shark traces and enough rubby dubby to sink a smaller boat! Baits in the water and floats […]

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Wrasse Cuckoo

The cuckoo wrasse is long and slender in comparison to the ballan. it has one long dorsal fin. Mature males tend to be striking blue and reddish orange in colour. Their heads tend to be a very bright blue colour. The fins on a male cuckoo wrasse also have a blue edge to them. During mating season the brightness of the head decreases and exhibit white flashes. Female cuckoo wrasse and immature males, tend to be a pinkish colour. They have 3 dark blotches on the base of the dorsal fin. They feed predominantly on crab, mussel, shrimp and worm. […]

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August 2016

August was another month of mixed fortunes aboard My Way, maybe ‘Mixed Fortunes’ will be the title of our 2015 review, temperamental weather once again playing a big part in the whole month. Still, with a fully booked boat, when the weather allowed we managed to sail whenever possible and locate some sport for our crews. A few days into the month and the weather settled nicely for us to take a trip out to Holyhead Deep, sights set firmly on spurdogs and maybe a few tope. We were’t disappointed with a good number of spurs and tope coming to […]

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Fish Identification – Poor Cod & Pouting

Poor Cod & Pouting In most fishing matches, the poor cod and pouting are classed as the same to ease identification, for example both may be worth only 1 point. However for a species hunting competition, it is important that correct identifcaiton takes place. Poor cod and immature pouting often create heated debate on online forums and social media. Above, the poor cod is at the top & pouting the bottom. Both fish are fairly easy to tell apart with the pelvic fins being a great identifier The pelvic fin of the Poor Cod, above, reaches to the anal vent […]

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