Sea fishing related news and reports covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Fish Identification – Poor Cod & Pouting

Poor Cod & Pouting In most fishing matches, the poor cod and pouting are classed as the same to ease identification, for example both may be worth only 1 point. However for a species hunting competition, it is important that correct identifcaiton takes place. Poor cod and immature pouting often create heated debate on online forums and social media. Above, the poor cod is at the top & pouting the bottom. Both fish are fairly easy to tell apart with the pelvic fins being a great identifier The pelvic fin of the Poor Cod, above, reaches to the anal vent […]

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July 2016

July! A month once again blighted by wind. Seems to be the most common factor in reports this year yet again. But, where possible we have sailed and enjoyed some great sport inshore and especially out in Holyhead Deep. The first few trips we remained inshore, with winds and tides restricting movement. Our rewards were some good mixed days with a variety of species including plenty of smoothhounds. I spend a fair amount of time drifting around our coastline in search of pollack, coalies, codling and my favourites when drifting inshore the various members of the wrasse family. On the […]

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The dab is brown on its topside and white underneath. The top of the dab is rough to touch when running your finger towards the head and smooth in the opposite direction. The lateral line has a strong curve from the head around the pectoral fin. Dabs are found mainly in shallow sandy areas, however can often be located over broken ground. They eat a variety of things including small crabs and fish. Dabs can be caught regular around the waters from Holyhead. Best methods are simply scratch rigs where the hooks are presented hard on the sea bed. Hooks […]

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Busmans Holiday – Milford Shark Fishing

With bad weather keeping My Way tied up and noticing a few last minute spaces aboard Phatcat Charters in Milford Haven late one Monday evening, a quick call to Craig and then good friend Mark Dolben and myself were heading down to Milford for a days sharking the following day. Arrived around 1am it was then trying to grab a few hours sleep in the car, lol, ready for a 7am sail. Little sleep, but that was all soon forgotten with gorgeous weather, a great crowd of individuals to be fishing with and more importantly some cracking shark action. Big […]

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June 2016

June is one of our favourite months to be afloat. There is no secret that tackling smoothhounds inshore on light tackle is a style of fishing that we look forward to each year. So much that as soon as we hang up our smoothhound rigs for any given year, thoughts and ideas on how to improve catches are already floating around. After a great season in 2015, this year June had a lot to live up to, particularly as it is considered by our own theory to be the year were the caches are predominantly smallish fish in the 8 […]

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Mini Species

There are some anglers around the UK who consider it pointless going fishing unless you get to take your catch home and feed the family, then there are those who want only fish for species that push the scales over the magical 10lb mark. It is agreed though that the fishing is sadly, in general, a lot poorer than what it was 20 years ago. I’m not talking one particular species neither, but all round fishing whether you consider it to be climate influenced or due to the intervention of man, once popular marks are now void of fish and […]

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