Sea fishing related news and reports covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Starry Smoothhound

Smoothhound have a grey upper body and white underside. Mustelus asterias takes it name from the many white spots that are found on the upper part of its body, and the common smoothhound, Mustelus mustelus having none. The starry smoothhound is ovoviviparous (Method of animal reproduction in which fertilized eggs develop within the female and the embryo gains no nutritional substances from the female) with a gestation period of up to12 months. Recorded litters for starry smoothhound have ranged between 10 and 35pups. Smoothhound are found in mainly shallow waters however they have been recorded at depths of up to […]

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Pollack is another member of the cod family and is a much sought after fish by anglers fishing for the family food table. Pollack tend to be a dark brown/green colour with a white belly. Their colour though does vary slightly with local habitat. The pollack has no barbel on its chin, and its lower jaw protrudes a lot further than the upper jaw. Pollack prefer rock and weed covered ground. The bigger specimens frequenting the many sunken wrecks in deep seas. There are man y different methods for fishing for Pollack. Methods vary depending on port and also on […]

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Pure Fishing – April 2016

Penn Fathom 30LD twin speed, Planet Sea Fishing first look review. Penn Fathom 30LD twin speed, angler review, read more here As with everything I guess, it’s the test of time following constant use that will judge! But that said, our new rods & reels do receive far more use ( and at times abuse) than a piece of kit bought by an angler for his / her personal use. The Shakespeare Fishing Agility 12lb rods are so far proving to be up to most tasks and performing admirably. These shots are from recent frolics in Holyhead Deep. Gear Review […]

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PENN Fathom 30LD twin speed

Dave Hellon, Angler Review I have been lucky enough to get out on My Way with Gethyn a couple of times this past month and it is quite apparent that his new Shakespeare Agility 12lb class rods are getting quite a lot of attention and they rightly deserve it. You can see by many pics that they are perfect for the fishing out of Holyhead, as are the Penn reels he matches them up with. There is however also a hidden gem aboard My Way….The Penn Fathom lever drag twin speed….I have been fortunate to use thie on my last […]

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