Sea fishing related news and reports covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

May 2015

It’s been a while since our last detailed report, and much has happened, great fishing and hard fishing, thanks to the weather. We are still suffering from countless cancellations from the foul conditions that have been hanging around the UK for a long time now. But we all know that, so lets not dwindle on the bad. When weather has allowed, we have been fortunate to sail and fortunate to locate some good fishing for the majority of our trips. This report starts at the end of April, where yet again we snuck off to the edge of Holyhead Deep […]

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Black Bream

The Black Bream has a very flat and long body. It is covered in large scales all the way to its head and has 1 single long dorsal fin. The Black Bream has a small head, with a small mouth full of sharp pointed teeth. The topside of the body is dark grey black with a blue tinge that runs silver in appearance towards the underside Black Bream are the most common of it’s family in UK waters. They feed on a variety of of bottom dwelling creatures, however UK anglers use mainly mackerel, squid  and ragworm to tempt this […]

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April 2015

Up until today (18th) the month of April has been a relatively successful period aboard My Way. The weather has allowed us to sail on 9 occasions and only cancelled 5, ok, so 64% is not the kindest of percentages, but for early season April in the bay, I’ll take it. The first weekend of the month saw us staying inshore on a 6 hour trip for a group of novices aboard My Way. Fortunately we were able to put them amongst the fish with a few different species scattered around various marks within Holyhead Bay. What’s interesting about the […]

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