Sea fishing related articles covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Wrasse Corkwing

The corkwing wrasse has a thick body, small eyes and a large mouth. It is classed as a mini specie with weights never exceeding 1lb. The most distinctive feature of the Corkwing is that it has a serrated gill cover. Varying in colour although normally green and brown with a lighter underside. The male corkwing wrasse often exhibit a blue tinge to the head. The are found regular in very rocky areas and kelp covered areas. Where ballans and cuckoo can be found in most rock strewn areas, my experience has more corkwing found in areas with low tidal strength. […]

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Pure Fishing – May 2015

Smoothhound Challenge 2015 Smoothhound Challenge, another great success, read and view more here May (when weather allowed) was another tremendous month aboard My Way. With our sponsored gear being put into great use by many anglers, both beginner and experienced. As previously mentioned our aim was never to simply equip My Way with a set of hire rods, we wanted the right sponsor who had a range of products for everyone, well priced rods & reels for anglers and novices alike to consider for purchase. Our new equipment list for 2015 includes all the following, with other items being added […]

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Pure Fishing Smoothhound Challenge 2015

In its 5th year, the My Way Smoothhound Challenge has become a hugely successful event. Having been generously supported in recent years by Fladen UK, the 5 day event in 2015 changed sponsors. Worldwide tackle giants Pure Fishing My Ways official sponsors came on board with GO Angling offering entrants a chance to win a Penn Squall 15 sized reel with Shakespeare Agility 12lb boat rod by catching the heaviest smoothhound during their day afloat. Unlike last year when all 5 days of the even including evening trips ran unhindered, the 2015 event was to be blighted by poor weather. […]

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Black Bream

The Black Bream has a very flat and long body. It is covered in large scales all the way to its head and has 1 single long dorsal fin. The Black Bream has a small head, with a small mouth full of sharp pointed teeth. The topside of the body is dark grey black with a blue tinge that runs silver in appearance towards the underside Black Bream are the most common of it’s family in UK waters. They feed on a variety of of bottom dwelling creatures, however UK anglers use mainly mackerel, squid  and ragworm to tempt this […]

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Wrasse Goldsinney

The Goldsinny is a small wrasse with small pointed head and long body. It has a fairly large mouth for it’s head size. Similar to other wrasse it has big fleshy lips, and two rows of small teeth, with the strongest at the front. The Goldsinny is a small member of the wrasse family with sizes rarely exceeding 8oz. This wrasse is a light golden brown colour, that turns a whitish colour on the wrasses underside. The Goldsinny has a very distinctive black spot on it’s back just at the base of the tail fin. It also has another less […]

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Penn & Shakespeare review – Paul Brooks

Gear Review Paul Brooks, Wrexham I recently enjoyed a boat trip aboard My Way skippered by Gethyn Owen out of Holyhead Marina and was offered the chance to try out the new hire gear he has recently acquired for his boat namely Shakespeare Agility rods and Penn Fathom reel, I jumped at the chance and used the 12lb class agility rod and a Penn Fathom 25n reel off we sailed out to the deeps at Holyhead our target was spurdogs I was a bit sceptical at first only using a 12lb class rod on spurdogs and said so as we […]

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