Sea fishing related articles covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen


The coalfish is very similar to pollack and is sometimes misidentified by anglers as the latter. It has the same 3 dorsal fins and 2 anal fins, however the lower jaw is almost equal to that of the upper jaw. The lateral line on the coalfish is all but straight The topside of the body is a dark, brown/green colour running to silver down it’s sides, finishing white underneath. Coalfish can be found over a variety of grounds and are fairly common over rough broken areas and wrecks. Sadly the days when we would get large double figure coalfish have […]

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The Lesser Spotted Dogfish is normally light brown in colour and covered in small dark spots. the underside of the dogfish is normally white. Distinguishable from the bull huss by it’s 1 nasal flap that comes to form part of the upper jaw ( a huss has 2 distinct nostrils, read more here ). Dogfish are widely caught around the UK shoreline and are especially common off the north Wales coast. The dogfish frequents many types of sea bed from sandy beaches to rocky areas. The female dogfish are known to lay up to 6 eggs per week for 6months!! […]

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2014 Aboard My Way

MARCH January and February of last year, saw high winds and some pretty atrocious weather conditions blight most of the UK. We had our fair share in our small corner. It wasn’t until March 01st, St Davids day that My Way set sail for the first time in 2014. Our original first sail was two weeks earlier, however with the weather remaining so bad I took the decision to leave My Way in the yard, safe and sound whilst winds up to 100mph pounded much of the UK. Aboard My Way I was joined by 5 regulars, who have become […]

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Fladen Smoothhound Challenge 2014

The Fladen smoothhound challenge, held aboard My Way has grown in size recently. From humble beginnings, the inaugural event 3 years ago was held during the last bank holiday in May 2011. Such is the popularity, the fourth Fladen smoothhound challenge held the last week in May 2014 ran for 5 full days and 4 evening trips; fished by a succession of anglers, all keen to bag a 20lb monster aboard My Way. There is no doubting that Holyhead is a popular venue for for these hard fighting small sharks, with My Way being up there amongst the elite, having […]

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2013 Aboard My Way

On 08th February 2013 we re-launched My Way after her period of routine winter maintenance and some tender loving care. Thankfully everything went well and over 09th 10th February managed our first weekend afloat of the new 2013 season. With spring tides upon us and not the best weather conditions, we decided to remain inshore on both days and try for a few different species to get the year underway. The first day and it was a slow start for a few hours, with only the odd dogfish and whiting making an appearance. A change of mark mid morning and […]

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Fladen Smoothhound Challenge 2013

Even the 2013 Fladen Fishing UK Smoothhound Challenge aboard My Way couldn’t avoid the appalling weather that we have been suffering over recent months. Due to be fished over 3 days – Bank Holiday Monday 27th, Tues 28th and Weds 29th May, we only managed to fish the Tuesday, with the Tuesday evening trip being called short as high winds and driving rain made an early appearance. With smoothhounds starting to show, albeit a few weeks late, we set sail early Tuesday 28th May with a hefty slice of confidence. Aboard My Way we had good anglers, perfect crab and […]

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