Weather, fish, win …

We have the following spaces available aboard My Way till end September 2017

Tues 19th Sept – General Fishing – £40pp – 4 spaces
Thurs 21st Sept – General Fishing & chance to win a rod and reel– £40pp – 4 spaces
Sun 24th Sept – General Fishing – £40pp – 3 spaces
Weds 27th Sept – General & Deeps – £40pp – 6 spaces
Fri 29th Sept – General & Deeps – boat or spaces

Please email or call 07971 924046 to book or for more information


Thurs 21st Sept  win a new rod and reel – Shakespeare Agility Tipster 9ft, Designed in 3-equal sections, the Agility Sea Tipster features quality Zirconium Oxide rings, suited to both mono and braid. A light and supple tip section, promotes bite detection perfectly. With Penn Spinfisher 5500, spools are designed for mono and raid, with the Spinfisher reels sporting stainless steel mainshaft and alloy main gear. Featuring the HT-100 Slammer Drag, this is a very smooth reel and provides more pressure than ever before

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