New Reel? Mitchell Avocast FS 6000

Mitchell has a long established history in fishing reels. The original company dates back to Italy and the late 1800’s with watch gears and similar intricate products. In the 1930’s they became involved with a couple fishing tackle manufacturers in the design and production of new reels.

At the height of Mitchells production late 1960’s and early 1970’s it was reported that they were making 12,000 reels a day! I remember one of my first boat fishing reels, a Mitchell 624. This reel and the 622 can still be seen in use today, strong and robust they are going strong, cared for over the yeas by a few older anglers that have had them from new!

In 2000 Mitchell joined the ranks of Pure Fishing and continues to produce a range of innovative reels that are competitively priced in todays flooded market.

When looking for some new reels for carp fishing, I didn’t want to spend a small fortune, but wanted a strong reel that would cope with smaller fish and also the rigours of 20lb plus carp.

The reel also had to have the potential for use aboard My Way, smoothhound fishing in particular where a free spool system would be useful.

With line capacity a consideration and a free spool system (bait-runner / live-liner) essential I decided to purchase a pair of Mitchell Avocast FS 6000 reels.

The Avocast FS 6000 specifications as follows

  • 7 + 1 bearings including IAR
  • Line capacity of 230m / 0.35mm line
  • Double anodized Aluminum spool with exclusive pattern
  • Thick and resistant bail
  • Innovative Bail Halo for superior strength
  • Extremely strong advanced polymeric body
  • Spare spool available separately

A front drag for the main play of a fish, and a rear free spool system designed for you to set the reel into free spool at the flick of a switch without touching the front drag.

Having cast out, you simply knock the switch over into the free spool position. The free spool system has a totally separate drag control of its own thus can be set in either total free spool or under some tension sometimes required when fishing in more tidal waters and a little more drag is required.

Turn the handle to retrieve andf the switch changes to front drag, or flick the switch up manually and your normal front drag for playing a fish is back in play.

The reel looks well designed, a lovely matt black colour with silver trim on the spool. 8 main bearings and a 4.8 gear ratio, the reel is smooth both retrieving gear and when under load with a fish.

At £79.99 this is a whole lot of reel for your money, the Avocast FS 6000 is a lovely addition to your carp tackle box, however only time will tell if it is up to the additional rigours of saltwater abuse. But I really don’t see why they wouldn’t get the job done and last a long while if looked after correctly.

As with all reels used in saltwater environment the reel ideally should be washed and wiped down under a tap of warm water then placed in the airing cupboard overnight to dry off. Personally I then put them in a box and always give them a quick blast (more of a haze) with WD40 or another water repellent on the outside, only quick and careful, as you don’t want this to enter the reel as it can degrade any lubricants or greases involved inside.

If you’re in the market for a new reel, the Mitchell Avocast should be high amongst your considerations. 



Anglesey Bait Centre in Beaumaris is a Pure Fishing Stockist and has some great deals on the premises and mail order. You can visit their website or Facebook page 

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