2017 Spurdog Competition

Spurdogs have made something of a resurgence off the welsh coast in recent years. Spring is prime time aboard My Way with these sharks averaging double figures, a few exceeding the 20lb barrier with many spurs often being caught 2 at a time. The fishing can be exhilarating; 200ft of water and small sharks soon test the metal of the angler and gear.

Together with Pure Fishing, we’re offering anglers the chance to win a Greys GR100S 20lb Boat & Abu Ambassadeur 7000C LW multiplier reel combo by simply catching the heaviest spurdog aboard My Way over a period of 6 weeks, commencing on April 01st and ending 14th May 2017.

Fishing in tidal areas such as Holyhead Deep, tackle needs have the guts to do the job, responsive to bites in a strong tide, yet have the backbone to tame a possible double shot of 15lb sharks.

The Greys GR100S boat rod is a lightweight, slim diameter blank. 2 piece it has a long tip and shorter butt. This leads to maximum compression, were you can really feel the fight of the fish, yet have the ability to land your quarry with ease. This compression curve and 20lb rating, leaving the rod also ideally suited for inshore work when searching out rays, tope, smoothies and more.

Abu Ambassadeur needs no introduction; the reels have enjoyed a long standing presence in the angling industry with the C-7000 used by boat anglers and rock anglers for many aspects of their fishing.

Any spurdog deemed by the skipper & angler to be in with a chance will be netted and weighed in a purpose made weigh sling using the boat scales. As normal, other catches will be released at the side of the boat.

In the event of a tie, the angler who has caught and released the most spurdogs will be deemed the winner.

You are automatically entered into the competition when booking a space aboard My Way, please visit our Boat Availability or Individual & small group pages for available dates. Or alternativly email or call 07971 924046

Please note – anglers are only permitted to win one prize from the Pure Fishing & My Way competitions in any one calendar year

Click here to see the 2017 winner


Here are some spurdogs from last years fishing aboard My Way 

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