2020 My Way 2 Species Hunt restarts

This month we reopened our My Way 2 Species Hunt for 2020.

Our start mid January this year was short lived and postponed with the Covid19 pandemic, but now it is open and we’re looking forward to the next 6 months of fishing.

Currently top 3 places are as follows

Joint first
Mark Cain – 7 species
Stephen Hughes – 7 species

Joint second
Keith Heaton – 6 species
Will Hardy – 6 species

Joint third
David Hellon – 5 species
Gareth Pickard – 5 species

We also have a new category, and that’s for best junior angler. Details of the prize for the top junior will be made available on our next update

Emily Hardy – 4 species

With only a few days fished and a handful of species caught, there is still everything to fish for.

1st Prize £300rrp Fishing tackle voucher
2nd Prize £200rrp Fishing tackle voucher
3rd Prize My Way 2 Gift voucher

Anyone catching a fish aboard My Way 2, simply uses the boat species card while afloat and takes a quick photo of the card alongside their catch. This photo they then upload to the My Way 2 Species Hunt 2020 Facebook Group Page and we keep track of who has caught what species, issuing monthly updates for all involved.

My Way 2 has a regular catch of up to 50 different species of fish each year, with many days seeing 20 plus species to the boat.

Have fun catching a variety of fish with the chance of a superb prize at the end thanks to our sponsors – PENN Fishing, Shakespeare Fishing, Berkley Fishing, Spiderwire plus many more

Group page

Please message or call 07971 924046

For information on our COVID 19 procedures please follow this link https://goangling.co.uk/my-way-2-covid19-information-pack/

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