2020 PENN Smoothhound Challenge

The 2020 PENN Fishing Smoothhound Challenge has become a regular feature aboard My Way with anglers looking forward to catching plenty of big starry hounds with the chance of winning a great prize too … simply catch the biggest Smoothhound of the day and WIN a rod & reel combo.

One combo available to WIN each day.

My Way has become widely known as a boat that can be trusted for big smoothhounds, With the vast majority landed in the mid teen weight range with over 80 breaking the magical 20lb threshold in the last 10years. The smoothhound Challenge has for 8 years marked the traditional start to our season.

Running between May 25th & 29th 2020 with day & evening trips scheduled, there is a PENN Squadron II Touch Tip rod with PENN Battle 2 5000FS reel available to the angler catching the heaviest hound each day.

PENN Squadron II Touch Tip – features a modern sporting blank designed to achieve high performance. Suitable for mono or braided lines, this three piece rod is has excellent bite detection and over all action.

We have had PENN Squadron II Touch Tip rods aboard My Way since the were released a couple years ago and have proved to be a great success with anglers often choosing to loan them against their own heavier gear. Smoothhound fishing is exciting, but with a light responsive rod, it’s even better.

Together with a PENN Battle 2 5000 FS reel, with the same full metal body and drag system you trust, the new Battle II has been engineered to cast further, achieve higher drag pressure and resist corrosion better than ever before

You are automatically entered into the competition when booking a space aboard My Way, please visit our Boat Availability or Individual & small group pages for available dates. Or alternativly email or call 07971 924046

Please note – anglers are only permitted to win one prize from the Pure Fishing & My Way 2 competitions in any one calendar year

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