2020 – what a year

January, we managed a few trips within the Strait and also a couple outside into Caernarfon Bay and beyond. Plenty or rays and other smaller species inshore before we headed further to Holyhead Deep

The spurdogs didn’t disappoint, large packs swimming through North Wales with such ferocious appetites everyone was rewarded with a great number. A few double shots and the majority of spurs well into double figures. 

A couple other trips out of the Strait followed in February when the weather allowed, one memorable trip we also enjoyed a delicious fish pie from by Mrs Maryniak with pollack Pete caught last year

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Aboard My Way 2, we’ve been using the PENN Slammer III 5500 models the past couple years for an array of different species – rays, tope, smoothhound and huss as example of hard fighting species that require a such reel – tough, smooth an up to the job. New for us in 2020 was the PENN Slammer III 6500 High Speed model. Benefiting from a slightly increased retrieve of 6.2:1 and increased line capacity of 455m of 0.33 line, these reels are well suited for the trials of fishing Holyhead Deep or further offshore when wreck fishing 100m+.

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Early March we had to take the decision to cancel all of our last two weeks of trips from Port Dinorwic Marina for this season! Earlier this week having stood proud for nearly 200 years and following the relentless storms of late there was a partial collapse of the outer dock wall.

As March got underway we all started to hear more about Coronavirus & Covid 19 – on 23rd March we took the decision to suspend trips aboard My Way 2 for the 4 weeks, this turned into the next few months, with restrictions beyond that. 

We kept busy during this time – a full service and new line for My Way 2’s variety of reels for the different styles of fishing we do, loaded with varying strength braids from both Berkley Fireline Ultra 8 and Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 8

Behind the scenes we found ourselves in a daily battle with both Welsh and UK Government in the hope of receiving grant aid in parity with other micro businesses currently supported through the Economic Resilience Fund for example, sadly that still continues to this day.

For My Way 2, we looked at how we could move forward when legally allowed to do so.

Plan of action – an organised programme of measures to be taken in order to achieve a goal!

And our goal was that when we were in a position to run trips again, we would take every possible precaution to ensure the safety of everyone around us. There was no specific government guidance for our industry and no authority to dictate, so on 12th May we delivered our COVID 19 information pack.

We’re extremely proud of our proactive approach, as one colleague said – it seems others are looking for reasons to not work! Our pack was adopted & adapted by many skippers throughout the UK and also in consultation with the Angling Trust helped them with their successful When We Fish Again campaign.

Full details here My Way 2 COVID 19 information pack

We returned to Holyhead on 28th May – raring to go when restrictions aallowed.

The update from the Welsh Government that followed was a relaxing of some lockdown rules, a welcome change to the current situation and a blessing as we found ourselves in a position to resume fishing trips from 01st June 2020. However for the coming weeks we had to limit our trips to only one person at a time, or one other household.  

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The Isle of Anglesey for us being a sensible and soberly considered judgment, we were going fishing ….

Anglesey resident and occasional crewman Dave Hellon took advantage of our return to work & chartered My Way 2 for a spot of smoothhound and mixed fishing.

Calms seas and sunshine blessed Anglesey builder Mark and partner Dani as they booked My Way 2 for a 6hr smoothound trip as a treat for the youngsters.

We were fortunate to be booked every day with regular local anglers and managed plenty of short trips in the good weather – 6hr & 4hrs within Government Restrictions.

Fortunately the smooth hounds were feeding as My Way regular Sdeff and new comer to angling Vicky found out.

After a slow start we managed a couple dozen hounds, with Vicky stealing the show on her first outing with a good 15lber. We probably missed a similar amount too with the finicky nature in the way the 7/8lb fish appear to feed. 

My Way regulars Will, Kim and Emily Hardy also got stuck into the hounds of Holyhead 

We still take the safety of everyone aboard My Way 2 serious during these worrying times. We’re proud of our COVID19 procedures this short video giving a quick insight into some of the measures taken. 

By the end of June Welsh Government relaxed restrictions further and we were in a position to oferr more trips to a wider public. Sadly with the need for continual social distancing we had to reduce capacity aboard My Way 2 from a max of 10 to a max of 6. 

This presented a logistical nightmare, working through the diary and amending bookings, but never the less it was done and our first trip out as a small crew was offshore for some wreck fishing sport. 

Having enjoyed his first trip afloat with us a couple weeks earlier, including a 20lb smoothhound local angler Jonathon was keen to try out some wreck fishing whilst on prolonged leave..

Calm seas and some fantastic fishing, it was great to be back out afloat and amongst some great catches. 

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Fishing the wrecks off Anglesey on Weds 01st July we were privileged to have a Minke Whale appear at the side of My Way 2.

Minke Video here 

Fishing is a great day of relaxation for many of us. It’s not just about catching fish, it really is a social occasion, fishing with friends or meeting new people with the main goal of just enjoying your time afloat. 


There is something special about catching your food! Popping to the local supermarket just doesn’t do it for many anglers, the ability to catch cod, coalfish and pollack. Julian Lewis Jones, below  with one of many pollack he caught with us recently along with cod and coalfish, the following photo that Fridays nights supper. 

More Catch it, Cook it here 

Mid July We had our first visit of the the year recently to Holyhead Deep. A stretch of water with areas of 500ft depth. Our chosen spot is around 185ft and renowned for good catches of tope, spurdog and huss. 

Beth & Leon enjoyed a superb day afloat with family mid July – Rays were the target species and again we managed a good number together with a great mixed bag. 

The My Way 2 Species Hunt restarted following a pause owing to travel restrictions 

Sometimes the weather spoils your day,  offshore wreck fishing sadly cannot take place when we’ve 25-30mph winds lowing . Fortunately anglers often decide on relative shelter in the lee of Anglesey and a days species hunt with some mixed inshore fishing.

As we moved into August, we found some more great weather and days fishing the wrecks around Anglesey.

One day in August we met up with friend of 20 plus years Kit Dunne aboard his boat Castle Maiden that runs out of Wicklow in Ireland and enjoyed a day wreck fishing together. 

2 skippers, 2 different ports, 2 different countries. But great fun and friendly rivalry.

More from our time with Kit here

More trips and fish followed as the month went by

Often we have a visit from the local lifeboat stations – they know the kettle is always ready for action.

The weather really tried to stop our plans at times in August. High winds with Storm Kyle moving  left us with a 6hr window one morning and a 30ft tide to head out and catch some fish.

Fun time afloat with old friend Julian Lewis Jones and Ryland Teifi recording for their new S4C fishing program Pysgod I Bawb ( Fish For Everyone).

Despite the increasingly varying weather – we carried on catching 

Heading offshore the first weekend in September we noticed something floating in the distance. As we got closer it became apparent it was a discharged emergency life raft. 

On inspection, it looked a little torn in places, but generally in good condition, no weed growth and very clean, it had the door open and survival pack in tact inside!

We notified Holyhead Coast Guard, gave them as many details as we could and then awaited the arrival of Trearddur Bay Lifeboat to take control of the situation. 

By mid September, we decided on a change of adventure. 4 years ago with My Way 1 we set out to hook a shark and on our first attempt managed a porbeagle of around 200lb.
In 2017 we had a couple fruitless efforts, a few brief runs but no real success.
We often have the occasional encounter with sharks when wreck fishing but always stick to the job in hand – pollack, cod and coalfish. 
We set off at first lighten day for our first dedicated attempt at sharks with My Way 2.
Half way through our day one porbeagle estimated at 200lb+ surfaced off the stern of the boat, poking one of our floats. 

For 10mins we watched it swim backwards and forwards at a surface bait but couldn’t manage to entice it to eat.

However we did manage to hook a smaller one.

More from our shark story here 

The weather during September wasn’t as good as we had hoped, in truth was woeful, hence a call to run the boat around to Port Dinorwic on the Menai Strait a little earlier than planned for the 2020 winter season.
With the shelter of the Strait we would at least be able to enjoy some great fishing whilst the wind blew.
Our first trip from Port Dinorwic for 2020 was to be a wrecking trip.
It was an excellent forecast with the weather gods looking kindly upon us for a change. 8am sail and a couple hrs later we were into fish from the off. 

The quality and quantity of fish simply superb

Through October  we had many excellent days afloat on the Menai

Not needing to travel far, we still manage a good few species, keeping us all busy through our normal 5hrs afloat – dogs, whiting, huss, dab, mackerel, sea scorpion, ray, small tope and a fair number of small smoothhound.

We’ve enjoyed some great mixed fishing on the Menai Strait with rarely a cancellation. Our Trips are 5hr over high water and 7hr over low water a simple good days fishing and a few chasing species for anglers to tick off their tallies for the year. 

Whiting tend to make up the bulk of the catch, with dogs, huss, dab and mini species the other catches as we fish through December into January. With the right tide and conditions we also target conger eels.

The My Way 2 Species Hunt was generously sponsored by Pure Fishing (UK) Ltd,  the worlds largest fishing tackle company thus allowing the winners the opportunity to redeem their vouchers in exchange for some excellent quality fishing tackle from the likes of  PENN, Shakespeare, Abu Garcia, Berkley, Spiderwire and more.

Despite everything we have still managed a total of 27 species for the anglers taking part ranging from the tiny Black Goby to a Porbeagle Shark! We have caught other species during trips, however sadly they went unaccounted for owing to the hunt being suspended through travel and tier restrictions.

The winning anglers as follows

1st        Peter Maryniak 22 species                 £300 rrp Pure Fishing brands voucher

2nd       Graham Chadwick 20 species           £200 rrp Pure Fishing brands voucher

3rd        Mark Cain 18 species                         My Way 2 Gift Voucher and rig selection

Top Junior

Emily Hardy 8 species                                     ABU Garcia 7000 multiplier reel and rig selection

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It’s been a difficult year for us all with COVID19. Ensuring we can operate in a safe and professional manner has been not only time consuming but a serious worry. I’d like to thank all family, friends and most especially everyone that has sailed aboard My Way 2 through these trying times for their understanding and support. 

Best Wishes to everyone for the year ahead. Keep safe and see you all soon

My Way 2 is sponsored by leading brands 

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