2022 PENN Smoothhound Challenge

The Smoothhound Challenge has become an annual event aboard My Way 2 with anglers looking forward to catching plenty of big starry hounds with the chance of winning a great prize too … simply catch the biggest Smoothhound of the day and WIN a brand new rod & reel.

The challenge returns once again for 2022 with the continued great support in prizes from  PENN UK with one rod & reel combo available to WIN each day.

Running between May 23rd & 27th 2022 with day & evening trips scheduled, there is a PENN Wrath Bolescopic rod with PENN® Battle® III 4000FS reel available to the angler catching the heaviest hound each day.

The PENN Wrath Bolescopic rods are available in two different versions; a lighter 7ft version that can be used with weights up to 110g and a 8ft version up to 250g. These easy-to-transport bolo rods are well balanced and due to the sensitive tip, the rods have a perfect bite registration. These rods offer great value for money and are very suitable for the angler who does not want to spend a large amount of money but does want to have a good quality rod.

The PENN® Battle® III is now stronger, smoother, and more durable than ever before. By matching our proprietary CNC Gear™ Technology, HT-100™ carbon fiber drag system, and a Full Metal Body, the Battle III has the guts and drag to handle serious abuse. Ranging in size from 1000 to 10000, the Battle III series has a model for every angler, at an incredible value.

You are automatically entered into the competition when booking a space aboard My Way 2 between May 23rd & 27th 2022.

Please visit our Individual & small group pages for available dates. Or alternativly email or call 07971 924046

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