25mph winds, Keith And I went carping

After a great day afloat on Friday 27th, with spurs, huss, congers and thornback ray amongst the catches, westerly Force 5 to 6 winds swept through Holyhead cancelling our weekend afloat.

Undeterred and still wanting some fishing, My Way regular Keith and myself decided on a day at Llyn Y Gors fishery on Saturday 28th October, chasing some of the smaller carp and silver fish on the pleasure lake.

I’d had a couple slow sessions at the lake over recent weeks landing only one or two carp each trip, so today I was determined to put into practise all that I’d learnt over recent months getting back into the sport in the hope a brighter day was to be had by us both.

On the carp rods, we fished the method feeder with small locally made pellets sourced from the shop at LYG onto a banded hook. The hooks size 14 to 7lb line. The ground mix was ‘Green Lip Mussel’; it makes me laugh the names and ‘flavours’ of some of the baits used on fresh waters. As beads and sequins on ready-made rigs catch sea anglers, I think Tutti Fruity pink drilled pop up banded hook baits … honestly, catch the carp guys too.

After around an hour we had the first bite, a small mirror ghost carp, beautiful colour and markings. After this the day was non-stop action.

Personally I worked 2 areas around 2meters apart, small balls of ground bait, with a few free offerings of pellets in the mix. Little tip I got from My Way crewman Mark Dolben; an experienced fresh water angler was to also add a single maggot on the hook for a moving visual attractor to the pellet.

In total I was fortunate enough to land 9 carp and also losing another three as they bumped off the barbless hooks when dashing into the weeds and pads, knowledgeable and hook weary fish knowing were to go to loosen the hook hold.

Keith too had a good day for only his 4th time at the lake, with a couple carp and a few nice bream falling to his rod.

When fishing the pole the action was equally as good, smaller fish naturally but great fun on the Shakespeare Omni 3m poles. We managed a decent amount of small roach & perch with a couple cruscian carp to add variety to our day.

More photos in Fresh water Gallery 2

For Llyn Y Gors, check out their website or Facebook page

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