A Fine Friday Fishing

Inshore fishing on Thursday 06th Apr was great fun, but the deeps let us down with only big huss to the hooks, so a change of venue was called for he following day.

After a mixed bag inshore on Friday 07th Apr, it was time for a delicious beef casserole, thanks to Dawn. Next, the drift and we were rewarded with plenty of good sized pollack for April.

The deeps followed and thankfully the fish came too. Plenty of big huss and spurdogs for all onboard, but birthday boy Iwan had to win the day with three nice tope, the best pushing the scales to 34lb.

Fantastic day afloat with a great crew, however tinged with a little sadness for Shelby, who broke a nail whilst dealing with a spurdog. A minutes silence please

More photos from a great time afloat in Gallery 199

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