A weekend of mixed fortunes

This time of year our main targets are the packs of spurdogs that swim through our waters.

Saturday 08th Apr, started off in true April fashion, a run out to the deeps was rewarded with over 40 spurdogs in a mad and frantic 90 mins, these together with a few huss and customary dogfish.

Sunday 09th Apr with a similar tide & conditions, not a sniff! Huss and dogs only, not even a solitary spurdog lost from its pack. Fishing can be so frustrating at times, everything can be planned to perfection, except the one main ingredient, the bloody fish!

Never the less, inshore was loaded with dogs, whiting, huss and dabs etc and some nice pollack and the odd wrasse on the drift. We also ate and drank well and had a barrel of laughs.


I guess that’s fishing

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