Another fab weekend

Superb weekend afloat. Yesterday we stayed inshore with a good mixed bag from both anchor and drifting. Plenty of pollack, wrasse, coalies and a great amount of large huss at anchor. 

Today we sailed early to make the tide in Holyhead Deep. Our reward was a terrific amount of double figure sharks.

It was a case of one or two each drop, the majority spurdogs with a few small tope and big huss too. The largest spurdog a superb 21lber. 

They say things come in threes! 

Firstly my deck wash pump decided it didn’t want to work for me anymore, then after our Deeps adventure we drifted around the coast for pollack and wrasse etc. Only to snag a submerged rope on one drift. Once freed we had a couple hrs remaining on anchor, one poor chap struggling with a big huss saw his £300 prescription glasses fall over the side. 

All said, some great fishing enjoyed by all. 

More photos in Gallery 246



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