Colman Fishing Supply Big Game twin speed lever drag reels

Colman Fishing Supply’s W range of big-game reels offers a variety of reels to suit all your shark and big game fishing adventures. Designed with bigger prey in mind, this series of reels is offered in 4 different sizes. CFS 15W, line capacity 15lb/600yd, .4mm CFS 20W, line capacity 20lb/900yd .47mm CFS 30W, line capacity 30lb/935yd, .57mm CFS 50W, line capacity 20lb/850yd .74mm On initial inspection the reel certainly looks the part, big and shiny. The 20W is a hefty reel, well balanced with a powerful cranking handle. These extremely well crafted reels are machined from a one piece anodized […]

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FLADEN MAXXIMUS International 6/0

A discussion recently on pre-tied rigs got me thinking about any types that we use aboard My Way other than feathers etc. There are so many differing brands on the market, though one thing is for sure you only get what you pay for. The GO Angling range of rigs is I think competitively priced at between £1.50 to £2.50 each. Maybe a little pricey when you check out the 10 for £5 offers on certain auction sites for example, but these ‘bargains’ are often too good to be true and only realised when inferior products fail you at the […]

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