Berkley Flexi Shads

Always keen to try & test different things we’ve been using the Berkley Fishing Flexi Shads on recent wreck fishing trips together with various Berkley jig heads. 

They’ve been nailing the fish for anglers on the majority of drops – both the full body and slim versions fishing equally well.

The movement in the shad is superb, the ribbed body creation vibration in the water and the large paddle tail allowing the lure to swim perfectly through the tide as this brief video shows 

The Rib Shad is amongst the most versatile available and comes in 3 different sizes and a variety of colours. Aboard My Way 2 we have the Flex Rib Shad and also the Flex Slim Shad available for use in both natural and firetiger colours 


Wre using different heads to mount the the lures on to give extra balance, including the superb Flex Head Verti, Flex Head Deep.

Along with the Power jig Deep

Anglesey Bait Centre in Beaumaris is a Berkley Fishing Stockist and has some great deals on the premises and mail order, for more information visit their website  or Facebook page

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