Berkley Sick Flanker

The Sick Flanker is a high-profile paddletail that creates a high amplitude vibration on every speed. This bait makes a lot of noise and is idea when searching for numerous species in both fresh and salt water situations.
Over the past month, they’ve been highly successful for coalfish, pollack and codling aboard My Way 2.
* Powerbait scented softbaits
* Very souple material
* Heavy flanking action at any speed
* life-like and bright color patterns
* High-profile softbait
* High amplitude vibration at every speed
* Perfect for powerfishing and as a searchbait
That confident in their ability to seek and catch, we’ve just ordered another three boxes in 3 different colours schemes.
Berkley Sick Flanker, you won’t be disappointed.
For more information, check out the Berkley website here
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