Busmans Holiday

Having been all but sidelined by the weather during or trip to Scotland last week we received a last minute call from our skipper there was a small change in wind and we had the potential for a day afloat. 

Like myself Paul, likes to explore new marks and despite 25knots forecast, a new mark with potential was a possibility.  We we’re invited aboard Sea Dog cost free to help prosper and determine the potential.

Loaded with bait that we had caught aboard My Way 2 we set off around the coastline eventually arriving at our intended mark.

180 & 168 for myself and Mark respectively, not too shabby for our first common skate. And not too shabby a size of skate for a mark with potential – fine tuning and this spot is going to deliver big time!

We’ve all had a tremendous time away, little bit of culture on our weathered day, skate in the middle, and a detour for culture on the way home. 

Massive thank you to Paul and Graham at Sea Sog Charters, fantastic time was had by all. Thanks gents see you next year 

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