Catch it, Cook it

Fishing is a great day of relaxation for many of us. It’s not just about catching fish, it really is a social occasion, fishing with friends or meeting new people with the main goal of just enjoying your time afloat. 

There is something special about catching your food! Popping to the local supermarket just doesn’t do it for many anglers, the ability to catch cod, coalfish and pollack while wreck fishing aboard My Way 2 is the major draw

Above a photo of Julian Lewis Jones, with one of many pollack he caught with us recently along with cod and coalfish. 

And next a photo of the following nights supper, fresh pollack in a crispy cider batter

Shelby Bennion, with one of many double figure pollack she caught during her first ever wrecking trip earlier this week. 

And Shelby’s take on ‘fish fingers’ .. spiced with Chinese salt & pepper flavouring & homemade chips

Having only recently taken uo boat fishing and having enjoyed a superb day catching smoothhounds Jonathan was keen to give wreck fishing a go shortly after while still home on leave. 

The day went well, we caught plenty of good sized pollack, cod and coalfish again with Jonathn enjoying a tasty supper that very evening 

Catch, Fillet, Cook .. eat!


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