Sea fishing related news and reports covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Wrasse Ballan

The ballan wrasse is a very strong and muscular fish. It has a large head and small mouth. with thick fleshy lips and large teeth. The ballan wrasse also has another set of teeth further down in its throat. With the first set crushing its prey, the second will grind down the food to aid digestion. It has a long dorsal fin with an array of between 18 and 21 spines. The ballan has over 4 large scales along it’s lateral line. Natural habitat for a ballan wrasse is rock and weed covered ground. The females lay eggs within a […]

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Ray Spotted

Spotted rays have are light brown in colour. They are covered in small dark spots, that run within 3cm of the ing edges. They are sometimes confused with Blonde rays who have spots all the way to the wing edges. Often the spotted ray has a large pale spot on each wing, that has one small dark spot within and surrounded by larger dark spots.Small closely packed spines run down it;s back to the tail. Spotted rays can be found over roughish ground in depths up to 140m. Many are taken around the Holyhead bay area especially when fishing on […]

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October 2015

Our first trips in October saw us fishing around Holyhead bay for a selection of species. One day with a great mix of novice and experienced anglers we had a species and fun filled day. After landing plenty of whiting on the big spring tide, we hooked up larger traces and concentrated on bigger species. Huss fishing can be great fun With everyone catching a good number of huss, it was Ned who managed to come out on top during his first trip with a cracking inshore tope. The tope screamed line from Neds reel and gave him a fantastic […]

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September 2015

September was another great month to get afloat aboard My Way. Weather permitting we had some great fun fishing both inshore and off towards a selection of areas around Holyhead Deep. Our first day afloat in September had the weather restrict play and keep us inshore, a great mixed day was still had with a selection of species on the drift and at anchor with Anthony pulling in his best pollack, topping the scales at just short of 6lb. Many smaller pollack and an assortment of different wrasse were also caught with bull huss helping out in the double figure […]

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