Last trip from Menai March 2019

We struggled with a few hrs of slow fishing inshore yesterday but it soon turned into spurdog madness when we headed out to deeper water as the tide slackened. A good mixed bag of species topped off with a plentiful amount of spurs from a few lb to 17lb caught by everyone.  Great fishing, great company, great chicken curry ( with plenty of chicken, thanks Neil ) and some lovey weather enjoyed for the time of year.  Now it’s back to Holyhead and the great fishing on offer over the next 6months

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Scottish Invasion

Fantastic weekends fishing with the friends from north of the border and their adopted clan member from the Wirral. Saturday spent within the Menai Strait chasing a variety of species on light and LRF gear. Sunday was a morning out in Caernarfon Bay after rays and huss, then back inside for bits n pieces. Weather gods looked down favourably on us as we enjoyed for the best part of the weekend calm seas & sunshine. Species count was pretty good for mid January – whiting, dab, dogfish, codling, huss, thornback, conger, pout, poor cod and ls sea scorpion, spurdog and […]

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