Nothing ventured, nothing gained

Our first adventure onto the wrecks yesterday and the guys did well!   It’s early season for us, we normally start our wrecking trips early June. But having researched a few wrecks that we’ve never been too I was keen to locate them more than anything and judge the potential. Having assembled a Motley Crue of My Way regulars we set off with some trepidation and excitement. Early season, varying depths, sea temperature so many things to consider but our day was superb. The first wreck delivered 4, 5, 6lb pollack with a solitary codling. All good for mid May, […]

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2020 – what a year

January, we managed a few trips within the Strait and also a couple outside into Caernarfon Bay and beyond. Plenty or rays and other smaller species inshore before we headed further to Holyhead Deep.  The spurdogs didn’t disappoint, large packs swimming through North Wales with such ferocious appetites everyone was rewarded with a great number. A few double shots and the majority of spurs well into double figures.  A couple other trips out of the Strait followed in February when the weather allowed, one memorable trip we also enjoyed a delicious fish pie from by Mrs Maryniak with pollack Pete caught […]

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