The coalfish is very similar to pollack and is sometimes misidentified by anglers as the latter. It has the same 3 dorsal fins and 2 anal fins, however the lower jaw is almost equal to that of the upper jaw. The lateral line on the coalfish is all but straight The topside of the body is a dark, brown/green colour running to silver down it’s sides, finishing white underneath. Coalfish can be found over a variety of grounds and are fairly common over rough broken areas and wrecks. Sadly the days when we would get large double figure coalfish have […]

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The Lesser Spotted Dogfish is normally light brown in colour and covered in small dark spots. the underside of the dogfish is normally white. Distinguishable from the bull huss by it’s 1 nasal flap that comes to form part of the upper jaw ( a huss has 2 distinct nostrils, read more here ). Dogfish are widely caught around the UK shoreline and are especially common off the north Wales coast. The dogfish frequents many types of sea bed from sandy beaches to rocky areas. The female dogfish are known to lay up to 6 eggs per week for 6months!! […]

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