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Holyhead General Fishing – Part 3

This article was written for Boat Fishing Monthly magazine and can be found in the August 2012 issue. When setting out on a day general fishing, we all have high hopes of catching a variety of species and as quickly as we possibly can. Rig selection though is critical and all too often I see anglers, having spent a small fortune on top quality rods, reels and bait, letting themselves down by sticking to their favourite rig, simply because it caught well the last time out. The general scratch rigs I talk about often need adapting to where you are […]

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Holyhead General Fishing – Part 2

General Fishing can be used to describe various types of fishing, for many it is when that planned day goes slightly pear shaped and your intended targets don’t play ball. It also describes in fairness much of the fishing to be had off Anglesey and especially from Holyhead. Yes we have our smoothhounds, tope, and spurdogs to name a few, but we’re not blessed with some of the fishing that you read about regular on the south coast I’m talking about the big plaice, turbot and bream etc. Sadly you cannot charter from Holyhead with those particular fish as specific […]

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Holyhead General Fishing – Part 1

The vast majority of experienced anglers have a specific target in mind when they book a day out boat fishing. Sadly though, we have a number of external influences on our sport such as particular time of year, large tidal range and worst of all the good old British weather.   Despite all our best plans, we can’t always target the species we enjoy catching the most. Never the less, most anglers are willing to take the rough with the smooth and assuming here that a day afloat can still be had will quickly adjust their armoury with a selection […]

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