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Winter Whiting

Years ago I read an article on how to catch winter whiting from a popular estuary mark and a friend of mine piped up, “next month they’ve a feature on how to get wet in the bath”. Needless to say that is something I am keen to avoid here, whiting fishing is certainly no dark art! They shoal and when they are in any great number in your waters you cannot fail when afloat. When you set out for a good day’s general fishing later autumn or in the depths of winter, the humble whiting can offer some great sport. […]

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Whiting is another member of the cod family. The upper part of the whiting’s slender body is a dark greenish colour, turning lighter and finishing in a white belly.   A dark lateral line divides the top and bottom half of the body and is usually a darkish brown colour. Whiting tend to feed from the mid to bottom areas in depths varying from 40 to 400ft. Whiting can be caught on a variety of baits with mackerel and squid amongst firm favourites.  

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