Wrasse fishing related articles covering boat fishing from My Way with Gethyn Owen

Love a bit of wrasse fishing

Wrasse hit hard and fight hard. lb for lb they are some of the best fighting fish we have in abundance. As soon as they have your bait in the mouth, it’s off they go, as quick as they can swim to the safety of the nearest kelp bed or rocky crevice. A softer action rod will help cushion the initial attack of the wrasse, and allow you time to hook and play the fish instead of losing it. Rig choice varies depending on how quick the drift is and just how snaggy the bottom you are fishing is. Your […]

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Wrasse Fishing

In Holyhead the months of March & April signify the arrival of the big spurdogs, and then with May we have the classic period where double figure smoothies are the norm aboard My Way. June however is the month when I consider the year really gets into full swing and offers both boat and shore anglers immense variety and certainly increased quantities of fish. Through late spring, summer and often into late autumn Holyhead is seemingly blessed with a never ending amount of quality smoothhounds, bull huss and good rays, along with spurdogs, congers, even bigger huss and also some […]

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