Sea fishing related articles covering tackle and tactics

Berkley Flexi Shads

Always keen to try & test different things we’ve been using the Berkley Fishing Flexi Shads on recent wreck fishing trips together with various Berkley jig heads.  They’ve been nailing the fish for anglers on the majority of drops – both the full body and slim versions fishing equally well. The movement in the shad is superb, the ribbed body creation vibration in the water and the large paddle tail allowing the lure to swim perfectly through the tide as this brief video shows  The Rib Shad is amongst the most versatile available and comes in 3 different sizes and […]

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Hooks – make the right choice

There are many different brands of hooks on the market today. Some of the more popular names that spring to mind include Kamasan, Sakuma, Gamakatsu, Owner, Mustad & Varivas. Many anglers spend a fortune on the latest rods and reels, to aid in their quest for a new specie or double figure catch, however often pay little attention to the detail on the hooks that they need for the job. Hooks are not a great expense, but the style and choice of pattern is imperative to the species being targeted. I use a variety of different hooks in my angling […]

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Uptiding came about many years ago when it was realised that a possible scare area is created around a boat when fishing in shallow water. By shallow, I personally equate this to depths of 40foot or less. When at anchor, a boat and the people on it can create all manner of noises – from waves slamming into the hull, rope slapping in the sea, to simple things as anglers making a noise when moving around a vessels deck. It is believed that these noises, magnified in the sea can scare fish away from a feeding directly beneath an anchored […]

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