Cod-Tastic On the River Mersey

It’s often good to get out and have a fish elsewhere. Many skippers get into the job for their passion for fishing, but when at work, don’t always get the chance to indulge themselves.

Yesterday, I managed to grab a few places with friends aboard Tony Parrys boat Jensen. Based in Rhyl, Tony relocates to the River Mersey for the winter offering cod fishing trips in the estuary.

Requiring tide and & lock gates to enter the estuary, it was a 5am sail for our day afloat yesterday, requiring a 2.30 start from home! But we can all do this for fishing can’t we?

Leaving the lock by 5.15, we were on our Mark and fishing within the next 10minutes and despite a cold brisk wind blowing through Liverpool and the tide pushing through the River Mersey at a good rate of knots we weren’t disappointed. We had cod and the odd whiting from the off.

Our baits were big black lug and squid wraps. Such is the strength of the tide, and colour of the water, you really need to up everything you’re used to doing when general fishing. 4 or 5 large welsh blacks and a couple squid, all binded together with bait elastic to a 4/0 pennel rig, ledgered on the bottom snugly with a short trace and 10oz grip lead.

In total, the boat landed a good 47 cod between the 8 anglers on board. Averaging 3lb, the biggest went to Pete Minns with a new Personal Best of 11lb 2oz. Pete was on fire with 12 cod and a whiting for his tally. Mine not so good, I only managed 4 cod, best of 5lb with another 7 whiting.

We had a great day, with a good few cod being retained for the table. Having already caught few for his supper and a few fillets for the freezer, Pete landed his 11lber a couple hours in to the trip. Not needing anymore, this cod was released to fight another day.

With plenty of warm drinks and a superb chicken soup to keep us from freezing, it was an enjoyable time afloat, especially after Liverpools superb win over their Evertonian neighbours!

If you fancy a day afloat on the Mersey, give Tony a call on 01745 332766 or 07885 118135

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