Conger Eel

With a long sleek, scale less body, an upper jaw extending beyond it’s lower, there is not much to mistake a conger eel with. The colour of a conger can vary slightly depending on the ground it inhabits, but tends to be from a light to a dark grey/black appearance.


The dorsal fin on a conger starts at the pectoral fins, and runs the length of its body. The British record for a conger eel is in excess of 130lb, although there have been commercially caught eels recorded over 250lb.


The congers tend to inhabit very rough and rocky areas. The better specimens are found in and around the shipwrecks that litter the seas around the UK.


Congers are mainly nocturnal feeders, with the odd few feeding during daylight. However i depths below 50ft they tend to feed most times.


Rig choice is simple. all you need is a 2′ – 4- length of 150 – 250lbmono. One end a good heavy duty swivel and on the business end size 6/0 – 10/0 hooks.


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