Coronavirus (Covid-19) – My Way 2 update

We have been asked recently our position on Coronavirus and if it will affect our operations.

We currently plan to continue running our trips and take bookings as per normal.

However it is important that we all try our best to keep each other safe, simple things like not shaking hands when greeting each other, being aware of close personal contact etc. 

After each trip our hire equipment is cleaned with fresh water, keeping our rods and reels in top condition.

We have now purchased additional cleaning products to ensure rods & reels are not only cleaned after use but then disinfected, along with all handrails, gunwales etc  to help our anglers keep safe whilst enjoying their time afloat with us.

If you have any further concerns please feel free to email or call 07971 924046

Please follow this link to the Government website for further information on the current situation

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