COVID & Fishing

We had a last minute cancellation for today …

COVID19 has a lot to answer for, I appreciate the world we find ourselves dealing with is madness.
But 14hrs before we’re due to sail, letting me know you cant make the crew ‘because of the situation’ isn’t fair.

As a small business that has been locked down for nearly 3 months and unsupported by the UK & Welsh Government grant aid … I get it.  But let me know, given time we could’ve filled the shortfall and enjoyed a day together.

Thankfully, a few quick texts and a post on our FB page, we managed to muster a last minute crew .. and we had fun and caught plenty!

It’s a mad world  out there, but please everyone, any problems chat with your skipper. We all appreciate what is going on and that there may be issues. don’t leave it till last minute, lets all work together and get through this shitstorm.

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COVID19 Information pack

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