Dad & Lad time

A day off for myself and Harry yesterday and we decided on a day at Llyn Y Gors pleasure lake, chasing a few of the smaller carp on the rods and also other species to the poles.

The fishing wasn’t as hectic as we would have liked, or indeed as enjoyed on previous occasions. Similar to sea fishing, fresh water species are also affected by changing weather patterns and are equally susceptible to changes in pressure. Despite this and the breezy conditions, the sun shone for most of the day and we managed to land quite a few fish between us both. 

On the rods we fished the method feeder, a manner of fishing a heap of ground bait around your weight and hook, drawing the fish into your area. Bait was a small 5mm crab & krill flavoured pellet, fished on a pellet rig, size 14 hook to 7lb hook length.

On the poles, small hooks and maggots so perch and crucian carp, H fishing at 8m and myself on a small 3m pole. Both of them from the Shakespeare Omni range, cracking pieces of kit and very well priced in an astonishing market.

Good number of fish and species, all released to grow bigger of another day 

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