The Lesser Spotted Dogfish is normally light brown in colour and covered in small dark spots. the underside of the dogfish is normally white. Distinguishable from the bull huss by it’s 1 nasal flap that comes to form part of the upper jaw ( a huss has 2 distinct nostrils, read more here ).

Dogfish are widely caught around the UK shoreline and are especially common off the north Wales coast. The dogfish frequents many types of sea bed from sandy beaches to rocky areas. The female dogfish are known to lay up to 6 eggs per week for 6months!!

Many anglers hate dogfish. some because they are plagued by them – others because they can’t catch what must be the most prolific fish in our waters. Sea angling can often be very un-predictable, on that windy day when you cannot get to the mark you wanted – what’s left? The humble doggie. With light gear for a bit of sport even the dogfish can give you some fun.

There are many different rigs that anglers use for doggies. Some prefer plain and simple rigs with no attractors. Some prefer plenty of beads of differing colours. Personally I have 2 rigs that I use the most often. both contain yellow attractor beads.

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