Exciting news for all aboard My Way

2017 is set to be another exciting year aboard My Way. We have been working closely with our sponsors Pure Fishing to bring some new loan gear to our anglers along with some fantastic competitions. Pure Fishing are the worlds largest tackle company and proudly boast the likes of Penn, Shakespeare, Greys and Berkley amongst many great names in their ranks.

Already sporting Shakespeare Agility 12lb and Agility Sea Tipster rods together with Penn Squall multipliers, Fathom 2speed multipliers and Spinfisher 5500 fixed spool reels, this year for the use of our anglers, My Way will also be loaded with some of the impressive new rods from Greys, 6-12lb, 12-20lb and 20lb classes. They will be perfectly matched with new reels including the ever popular Abu Garcia Ambassedeur 7000 models and CS Pro rockets, all fully loaded with Stealth Smooth 8, the new braid from Spiderwire.

Our new Pure Fishing competitions are to run throughout 2017 taking in some of the great fishing on offer with My Way. In brief …

Land the heaviest spurdog over a 6-week springtime period – win a rod & reel

5 day Smoothhound Challenge – win a rod & reel each day

Summer & Autumn Species hunts – 4 fantastic rod & reel combinations up for grabs

Entry to all competitions is automatic when booking a space aboard My Way.

Anglers are only permitted to win one prize from the Pure Fishing & My Way competitions in any one calendar year

For more information please visit our website https://goangling.co.uk/pure-fishing-competitions/

Our Sponsors Pure Fishing – http://www.uk.purefishing.com/


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