Fish Identification – Poor Cod & Pouting

Poor Cod & Pouting

In most fishing matches, the poor cod and pouting are classed as the same to ease identification, for example both may be worth only 1 point.

However for a species hunting competition, it is important that correct identifcaiton takes place.

Poor cod and immature pouting often create heated debate on online forums and social media.

Above, the poor cod is at the top & pouting the bottom.

Both fish are fairly easy to tell apart with the pelvic fins being a great identifier

The pelvic fin of the Poor Cod, above, reaches to the anal vent and stops before the anal fin.

Whilst on the Pouting, above, the pelvic fins reach over the anal vent and past the first anal fin

Addtionaly, if you draw a line from the anal vent direct up the body, on a poor cod you reach the end of the first dorsal fin. On the pouting, the vent is inline with the start of the first dorsal fin.

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