Fuel Surcharge

We are all aware of the current rise in fuel prices The price of a litre of white diesel at the pumps is reaching £2 in parts of the country, sadly red diesel for the marine industry is not immune to this increase.

Planning our return to Holyhead for the main season afloat for My Way 2 and discussing a fuel delivery with my supplier I have been informed of a 90% increase in the price per litre since we last filled our dedicated fuel station.

A 90% increase in fuel costs is something GO Angling Charter Services cannot afford to absorb. Unfortunately, this increase needs to be addressed so that we remain afloat and continue to offer the same great level of service. Regretfully and with immediate effect we are implementing a fuel surcharge of between 10 and 20% on all our trips.

Our new price structure for My Way 2 as follows

DurationIndividual priceFull Boat Charter Price
4hr General mixed fishing£35£280
6hr General mixed fishing£45£360
8hr General mixed fishing£55£450
10hr Caernarfon Bay£75£600
10hr Wreck fishing£115£700

We will look to reduce our surcharge if the price to us reduces significantly.

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