Getting out when we can

Weather has been very trying of late with a good number of trips cancelled. We managed to sneak out one day this week and head offshore onto the wrecks.

This time of year it can be a case of moving around and searching for the fish. The wrecks that we favour through early summer still produce as autumn gets underway, but not in the numbers we normally enjoy.

Fortunately for our most recent trip the fish came out to play. We started off at a couple shallower wrecks to usual at 220ft and were rewarded with a good number of pollack, varying between 3 & 6 lb, a constant flow of fish trickling into the cool boxes.

As the day went by we headed to deeper water and located more fish, this time in the 8 – 10lb bracket. 

A good day, calm seas and a little sunshine to added to some good fishing. 

More photos in Gallery 261

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