Grey Gurnard

The grey gurnard is a small bodied gurnard with a sharp pointed snout.
The upper part of the body is a grey brown colour changing white to the underside. Like all other gurnards it has a large head covered by protective bony plates.

Big Grey Gurnard for Milnrow angler John
Big Grey Gurnard for Milnrow angler John

Adult fish are usually around 30cm long but often the large individuals can grow up to 45cm. The scales along the lateral line are sharp.

The grey gurnard is usually found on muddy or sandy areas, though some of our larger specimens come off the rock and mussel bed grounds to the NW of Holyhead.

Depths very, though grey gurnards can be found from depths of 20 to 100m. Surviving on a variety of marine life, the grey gurnard is often taken by anglers on small scratch rigs baited with mackerel strips.

2 up 1 down, or 3 up scratch rigs with size 2 to 4 hooks work well, with yellow or red attractor beads.

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