Greys Strata Guideflex Trousers

In all my years fishing like the vast majority of anglers out there I’ve worn a good strong pair of jeans. Rainy days sees them covered with a waterproof bib and brace set, often with matching jacket. There are many outfits to choose from, with both the recreational and commercial sectors of fishing having an array of clothing to choose from.

A few months back a friend showed me a pair of the Strata Guideflex Trousers from Greys and was raving about how light, waterproof and comfortable the trousers were, I think the phrase ‘just like wearing pyjamas’ had me intrigued immediately, I had to invest in a couple pairs and have since been using them on the boat daily.

The Strata Guideflex Trousers are made from a 4 way stretch fabric and they are indeed lightweight, they don’t feel as heavy or cumbersome that jeans or jogging trousers make you feel at times, especially in hot weather.

No claim is made for waterproof, but they do in truth resist water ingress and being so lightweight are extremely quick drying, unlike my usual jeans. Sporting a couple zipped pockets and two more open pockets, there is sufficient room to hold those items we need to hand quickly, disgorger, line clippers etc.

All great and airy for a warm day afloat, however I did have reservations on how the trousers would keep out the cold on a breezy day afloat in Holyhead Bay. Surprisingly they did the job perfectly to the extent that I felt the cold more on my top half in a shirt and hoodie than on the legs.

Priced at £54.55, they are possibly on the more expensive side when compared to the jeans and joggers that are worn more often. But £54.55 should be viewed as quite a worthwhile investment into your angling armoury. Comfort should be up there alongside rods, reels and tackle. Similar to confidence everything together adds up to a more enjoyable day afloat or indeed on the beach, these trousers are a great investment for anglers which ever discipline they enjoy. I’ve also used the trousers when out on long walks with the dogs. All the good traits exhibited whilst fishing just as important when walking through the countryside we have around us.

They are coloured dark green and available in sizes small to 3XL

Greys also make a Strata Fishing Shirt, another purchase I made recently and am equally impressed with. I’ll look at that in another review. Be warned though, having usually been seen in jeans and t-shirts, the Strata Guideflex Trousers together with the Strata Fishing Shirt do raise a wry smile and comments such as zoo keeper, or my favourite from My Way regular Tom Murphy, an Aquatic Ranger!

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