Holyhead in March

With My Way due back in the water this coming week, we take a small look at the great fishign that cna be expected through March. In more recent years the weather has become a lot more settled than we are generally used to in March. Granted it is still cold and with the odd fresh set of winds to try our patience, but the calmer seas have My Way setting sail regularly with some great rewards for her anglers.

Fish are normally plentiful with resident species through March including dogfish, whiting, dabs, codling, conger, ray and bull huss plus a host of minis for the specie hunters. It is a great time of year to start your annual target and get ahead on your tally.

Bigger targets inshore inshore include bull huss with sizes varying from the very small to those well into double figures,. Thornback rays along with the odd spotted are also regulaurly caught from a number of inshore marks. Holyhead Deep is visited almost daily for big spurdogs and huss. Early season and the movement of the packs of these hard fighting small sharks, allows us to target them in the northern section of Holyhead Deep over slack water on all tides, weather permitting.

The drifting starts to pick up through March. Catches includer a regular amount of pollack, coalfish and codling. With ballan and cuckkoo wrasse slowly starting to show as the month progresses..

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