July 2015

July kicked off aboard My Way with some superb starry smoothhound action for our anglers, with many not only recording their first hounds, but manageing double figures including a 20lber for Cheshire angler Steve Bodey and one that fell a couple ounces short for visiting Irish rod, Cormac Burke.

Above, Steve Brodey 20lber

Above, Cormac Burke 19lb 14oz

Along with the hounds a good mixed bag was boated that day with some big huss and colourful cuckoo wrasse posing for the cameras.

Sadly the weather for the first couple weeks of July played hardball with us and despite a full diary, we managed to sail on only a handful of days. Remaining inshore with the temperamental forecast, we still managed to bag a good variety of species for those afloat with us, including hounds, rays and some nice pollack and wrasse whilst drifting under the rocks.

By the middle of the month, the winds started to ease for us; fortunately this coincided with some neap tides. On 14th, we had a run around the coast into Trearddur bay, drift fishing along the way and then anchoring up in the bay for a mixed bag of species

Our thoughts set firmly on the small journey in some slightly deeper water. Opting not to travel right out to Holyhead Deep we anchored up that afternoon on a patch of mud that contained a good variety of more predatory species such as spurs and tope.

We weren’t disappointed, all anglers aboard recoding numerous spurdogs with the vast majority well into double figures.

A couple days in Holyhead Deep is good for the soul, just wish the weather Gods would be more considerate

Fortunes varied the following week, with the weather once again remaining unsettled. Despite being unable to travel as far as wished at times, working around the weather and tides we still managed some superb fishing on most days, with the odd few proving to be a struggle despite our very best efforts.

Wrexham based angler Meilir, was desperate to catch his first tope, with the strong winds scuppering our travel to Holyhead Deep had resigned himself to failure on one particular day. A glimmer of hope was offered when anchoring on the mussel beds, this time of year tope moves in and the possibility of capture is always there.

Above, Lady luck was shining down this time around as Meilir bagged a low double figure tope on his first attempt.

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