July 2016

July! A month once again blighted by wind. Seems to be the most common factor in reports this year yet again. But, where possible we have sailed and enjoyed some great sport inshore and especially out in Holyhead Deep.

The first few trips we remained inshore, with winds and tides restricting movement. Our rewards were some good mixed days with a variety of species including plenty of smoothhounds.


I spend a fair amount of time drifting around our coastline in search of pollack, coalies, codling and my favourites when drifting inshore the various members of the wrasse family.


On the drift we’ve had some nice ballan wrasse finally putting in an appearance alongwith some nice corkwings.


Weather settling down in the second week meant for a trip out to Holyhead Deep. Fishing was on top form with some cracking sport for the anglers.


Spurdogs are great fighting sharks to target on a light rod.


The upper body of a spurdog is usually grey or a dark charcoal colour covered in small white spots with, it’s under-side white.


A spur is often referred to around the world as a spiney dog, the most noticeable feature being a protruding spine at the front of each of the 2 dorsal fins.


Huss fishing is always great in the Holyhead Deep and they can always be relied upon to put up a spirited fight when being retrieved from 200ft of water.


A couple wrecks we fish when on our way to anchoring upo for tope and spurs etc often come up trumps with a reliable number of pollack around the 6lb mark.


This July they produced on a good number of trips.


Tope is always on the cards in the deeps, we’ve had a good number so far this year, through July we caught plenty but nothing massive.


My Way sails regularly from Holyhead Marina, our reports and numerous photographs we hope help to tell the tale of our season and how fishing with us progresses through one year.


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