June 2016

June is one of our favourite months to be afloat. There is no secret that tackling smoothhounds inshore on light tackle is a style of fishing that we look forward to each year. So much that as soon as we hang up our smoothhound rigs for any given year, thoughts and ideas on how to improve catches are already floating around.


After a great season in 2015, this year June had a lot to live up to, particularly as it is considered by our own theory to be the year were the caches are predominantly smallish fish in the 8 to 10lb bracket.

With the Smoothhound Challenge having just finished another successful week aboard My Way, June was looking to be on the money with the hounds, and it didn’t disappoint with most people bagging hounds and numerous new personal bests being set.


Early June we had a group from up the NE of Wales, looking to enjoy sport aboard My Way with smoothhounds. The hounds obliged with numerous being caught and Wrexham angler Tom Jones setting a new Personal best with a superb specimen of 20lb.


Every fish has its magical weight, double figures always a plus and with smoothhounds a 20lber ensures you join the elite club. Next day after Toms success, we managed another 20lber

Mikee Thrussell jnr caught his first 20lber with us last year and then repeated the capture with a 2nd 20lber this year. You can read his account on the website of our Fishing Partner Tronixfishing, read more here.

During smoothie time we run many evening trips, 4 hours in the eve targeting these hard fighting sharks. The photo below showing that girl power often wins through


The following four days, were filled with a plentiful number of hounds including 20lb plus hounds each day, again some truly fantastic fishing. Early June and we were joined by Paula and Laura from Wobby Shark Savers. Laura was tagging smoothhounds on behalf of the SSACN. Only tagging hounds over a certain sixe we tagged 39 in a couple days, and both Paula and Laura managed to land themselves 20lbers.


When space allows I like to fish with the crews aboard My Way, smoothhounds a favourite time of year. One day mid June I caught a small hound, that was sporting a tag.


Not to be outdone by his son earlier in the month, Mike Thrussell snr, managed to break his own longstanding smoothhound personal best with us this June with a fantastic specimen of 23lb.

With a few missing over recent years this year saw the full compliment of Adults With Problems for the 2016 tour. An annual event of merriment consisting of hounding, laughing, eating drinking and reeling up all manner of unexpected items!


The weather never stops Adults With Problems


A slight change towards the end of our three days, a small species hunt. With many years angling behind him, Peter Hamilton-Tangler- Hutchison still needed to catch his first ever Tompot Blenny, he caught two!

We were on and off the hounds all month, with someday only a few hours on the right state of tide, others the whole days moving and following the feeding patterns learned over the years fishing the bay .


Unlike previous years were June really has been the jewel in the crown of the years weather, we lost the majority of the end of the month to the weather. I even had a busmans holiday booked fishing elsewhere myself, sadly that also fell foul to strong winds


Cancelling trips is never an easy thing to do, you ponder of the conditions for so long, knowing that you could scupper peoples long awaited trip, but also cancel the potential to earn. It’s a hard call, but one that is taken with safety and enjoyment the main contributing factors for most skippers.


My Way sails regularly from Holyhead Marina, our reports and numerous photographs we hope help to tell the tale of our season and how fishing with us progresses through one year

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