Last trip of 2018

Yesterday saw the last of our fun competitions for 2018.  All our fun comps have been generously sponsored by Pure Fishing (UK) ltd and this trip had a brand new reel as prize for the winner.  

Fishing was patchy at times as we moved around the Menai Strait looking for both quantity and species to add to the score cards. 

The day ended up with a respectable 9 species for late December, whiting, codling, dab, dogfish, ss sea scorpion, ls sea scorpion, poor cod, coalfish and also a grey gurnard. For quantity the lads amassed a total of 234 fish during our time afloat. 

Scores counted and the winner on 142 points was Gav Evans from Prestatyn, his winning bag including 6 species. 

On a similar fish count to Gav was Micky, however only 5 species and 4 codling to Gavs 18 codling sadly left him trailing on points. 

Fun day afloat to end 2018, see you all next year.

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