Little change from the usual

The strong winds cancelled a day afloat aboard My Way 2 today, however a small fishing fix was still called for so Trish and I headed off to our local fishery Llyn Y Gors.

A couple rods chucked into the margins of the Pleasure Lake returned only big bream and no carp, but the main fun of the day was fishing small 3m Omni Tele-poles from Shakespeare in search of the many small species that inhabit the lake..

We weren’t disappointed, fish after fish succumb to the float fished maggots.

Fishing is fishing after all and where as normally we’d be off looking for tope for example fishing 150lb mono tied onto a strong 6/0 hook, today we were armed with size 18 hooks tied to 3lb line.

But still great fun and a wonderful variety of fish and sizes caught all day long.

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